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Assault on the mind

Mental illness, including depression and anxiety, is an epidemic in western society (and in eastern cultures that have adopted a western way of life). Stressors abound as we self-medicate with a cocktail of legal and illegal drugs, where manic escapism eats the comforting pillow of sleep before we start another meaningless day. We fear what we don’t understand. We think labels and medication are the cure-all for those affected, while praying we avoid the same quagmire. This book, from a writer with bipolar disorder, aims to help those “inside” a condition to reframe their lives and reach for wellness. It also aims to help “outsiders” understand the pain, the nightmare and the prevalence of illness that affects their friend, family or partner. It’s about perseverance, resilience and hope.

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The left-hand version of the identical pair of faces is wearing a butterfly mask. This highlights how all of us tend to use masks when interacting with others. However, in addition, butterflies are also symbolic of transformation. On the right-hand face we can see right through to her brain, half in storm, half in sunshine. Moon on one side, sunshine the other. And although it's difficult to see, on the storm side the evening star, Venus, is just rising on the horizon. Venus is the goddess of Love and is there to symbolise Hope.